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the Bad and Body Magazine

Refreshing bathroom ideas

In the Bad & Body Magazine you will, literally, get the most 'refreshing' bathroom ideas. Are you curious about the latest bathroom solutions and sanitary facilities? Or do you want to orient yourself in the styles and get fun ideas? In words and pictures you will find answers to the questions: "What can the perfect bathroom look like?" "Which dreams and wishes determine the current trend?" Browse through the free magazine full of inspiration and information.

Richly illustrated with the most beautiful bathroom creations

Today, the bathroom is much more than a functional shower area. It is a fully-fledged living space that sets new requirements in terms of aesthetics and furnishings. Technological gadgets and ecological solutions are featured in our bathroom magazine. You will find out everything about the latest product news and practical bathroom solutions. The most diverse bathrooms are highlighted in our bathroom magazine: from modern, luxury and design bathrooms to rural and classic sanitary areas. The Bad & Body Magazine was also richly illustrated with photos. So dream to your heart's content while searching for your bathroom style. Be inspired by this 72-page magazine and request it today.

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